• I expanded my yard and made a mistake:I REMODELLED to sugary style!I have 280 gold fish now.Should I use it to buy better food and the items that attract rare cats,or should I use it to remodel?I spent quite some gold fishon deluxe tune bitz and sashimi but whiteshadow hasn't come.I notice that in pictures,whiteshadow is outside and I always put the good food indoors.Should I put the good food outside to get whiteshadow and risk getting tubbs to come?I need Bob the cat,sassy fran,whiteshadow and kathmandu.Are memetos important?I don't really want to use all my gold fish just to whiteshadow's memeto.I heard about hermeowge or something like that's memeto can be used.Can it be reused?I don't have it. 

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    • I suggest getting the Cafe remodel because Tubbs can't come and eat your food for any of the dishes. And yes u can use hermeowone's momento multiple times, it speeds up times btw, but it refills after she visits u 10 times ish. I use Bonito Bitz to get whiteshadow and I've been using it for a month and I got his momento last week, so I suggest using it. Bob the cat comes when you get the Cat metropolis, sassy fran comes after the cardboard cafe, and kathmandu u need the temari ball. I suggest you save up to about 400 goldfish first and then use it on another remodel. I only need to get two more remodels but I've been saving up first and now I have 900! So first save up and just buy food and wait for the current rare cat you have momentos and then decide which remodel you want to buy. Hope this helped! 

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