• Is there some reason why you would regret getting the yard expansion?

    Like, can you get back to the small yard anymore once you've bought the expansion? If you can't, can you just ignore the indoors part and use/feed only outdoors? (And not see the unused part?)

    Or, is the expanded yard hard to use on a small smartphone screen or does it make the cats appear smaller?

    Does the game become horizontal (in smartphones)?

    And what else. I'm not so excited about the remodeling, so I still haven't bought the expansion although I have had enough goldfish for some time now. Thank you if someone bothers to answer. :)

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    • I honestly think you should get the expansion, you can fit more goodies in the area - along with another food tray for the cats!

      And we all know that: More goodies = More cats~

      But, that's your choice to make for getting the expansion or not. : >

      I use a small smartphone, but it's still efficient in my opinion.

      Also, the game doesn't become horizontal - even if you have auto-rotation on.

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    • Thank you for answering. It's good that the cats don't get smaller or the whole picture horizontal.

      What about the most crucial question - can you go back to the small yard if you regret it, or can you easily ignore the indoors part of the expanded yard?

      I'm still thinking I'll try to get as many rare cats as I can in the small yard until the end of this year. :D

      I got the Spanish cat today for the first time. ^_^

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    • No problem!

      Also, no, you can't go back to the small yard - but you can ignore the indoor/expanded part. Plus, you can get remodels for your yard if you expand it.

      I think the remodels have more spaces to place down goodies than the regular expanded area, I'm not entirely sure..

      But good luck with those rare cats!

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    • Thank you! I got the expansion, and soon Lady Meow Meow appeared to my yard. I didn't get a picture of her until her fourth visit, though. I had already forgotten what she looked like when I saw her in the rare cats list here. Now, I'm just looking for Blizzard and the lovebird cats. They have never visited me even though I've got the stuff they like. :D

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