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This page elaborates all the rules and guidelines every user on this wiki needs to follow. Breaking any of these rules result in punishment. There are only three active Admins on the Neko Atsume Wiki, so please report anyone that is breaking the rules to the Administrators.

General Rules:

  • Do not vandalize any content on this Wiki. Vandalism always results in an instant permanent ban.
    • This includes articles, user pages, categories and images.
    • Learn more about Vandalism here.
  • Do not edit/contribute to other user's profile page. Doing so results in a 1 week ban.
    • This is, however, legal if the user allows another user to edit their page.
  • Do not harass/offend other members of this community. Harassing once results in a 1 week ban. Persisting with harassment results in a permanent ban.
    • This consists of flaming, cursing and posting inappropriate comments.
  • Do not spam. Spamming results in a 3 day ban.
    • Spam includes random, off-topic related comments or contributions.
  • No vulgar language. Doing so results in a 1 week ban. (Swearing, however is allowed to a certain degree).
    • Vulgar language (Bad language) includes: Sexual related terms, discrimination/racism, diseases and flaming.

Picture/File Uploading Rules:

  • Do not upload anything that is not from/related to Neko Atsume.
    • This includes fanart, memes, and reaction images.
  • Do not upload content that isn't going to be used anywhere.
  • Do not upload low quality images.
    • These usually consist of low-res JPEG/JPG or BMP images. Please use PNG if possible.
  • Any form of content is not allowed to contain explicit sexual material. Uploading sexual explicit content results in an instant permanent ban.

Bans (Based of offense done to the Wiki):

  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: 1 day ban.
  • Third Offense: 3 day ban.
  • Fourth Offence: 1 week ban.
  • Fifth Offence: 2 week ban
  • Sixth Offence: 1-6 month ban*
  • Seventh Offense: Infinite ban.

*Depending on the admin(s) choice

Do note that the administrators can and will skip the lighter punishments if deemed necessary. Do not think that we won't skip said punishments.

Even the most minor action of vandalism results in a permanent ban instantaneously.

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