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Merchandise can be bought and sold primarily through the
Neko Mart

A Neko Mart.

Internet. In Japan, gadgets can be purchased in regular stores, won at claw machines/UFO Catchers or toy capsule vending machines!

There are many different types of merchandise for Neko Atsume including plushies, clothes, bags, books, mugs, keychains (many of which are easy to find Online). To see more official Neko Atsume merchandise, check the Neko Atsume Twitter to see the latest items available.

Mugs and cups

Image Item Description Price Shop
Cat Face Mugs Neko Atsume Face Mugs Cute mugs shaped like cat faces. (Snowball, Marshmallow and Mack) $16.00/p (✦)
Cat Melamine Cup Neko Atsume Melamine Cup A cute mug with tons of cats. $5.59/p (✦)
Stacking Mugs Neko Atsume Stacking Mugs A ceramic mug for each Japanese character 'Ne-Ko-A-Tsu-Me' $8.86/p (✦)
159-044644 MED
Neko Atsume rocking round bottom glass Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Rocking Round Bottom Glass (Snowball) $9.40/p (✦)

Plushies and straps

Image Item Description Price Shop
Rubber straps Neko Atsume Rubber Straps Adorable rubber straps which each come with a clip, earphone jack and string loop attachment. $4.69 (✦)

Figures and keychains

Image Item Description Price Shop

Toys and stickers

Image Item Description Price Shop
Sticker Book Sticker Book A Sticker Book if you would like to collect your stickers there rather than decorate your stuff or keep them intact. $14.99 (✦)
Sticker Sheets Sticker Sheets

The sheets are 6.3 inches tall and 3.3 inches wide, and each contains lots of heartwarming plump stickers. (Yancha-mori, Mattari-mori, and Suppori-mori)

$3.59/p (✦)
159-045504 MED
Notepad Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Cute Notepad (All Together) $3.30/p (✦)

Clothes and accessories

Image Item Description Price Shop
Miny Tote Bags Neko Atsume Mini Tote Bags  Cute mini tote bags in 4 different styles. Choose from: Heart, Footprints, Everyone or Scattered. $11.99/p (✦)
IPhone6 Cases iPhone 6/6s Cases Made of polycarbonate resin, these cases are suitable for iPhone 6 and 6s. Choose from: Toy Balls, Tower, Love, Kotatsu, and Joe DiMeowgio. $16.99/p (✦)

Books and CDs

Image Item Description Price Shop
Strategy Guide Neko Atsume: Neko Darake Zukan The official strategy guide for Neko Atsume. $6.49 (✦)
Art Book Neko Atsume Biyori Official Book The official Art Book for Neko Atsume. $8.99 (✦)
CD Love Neko Atsume Love CDs featuring 5 amazing tracks. Available in 3 ver. (Shiro, Kuro, Cha) with an included set of stickers and an A4 clear file. $10.99 (✦)

Where to buy

Amazon is the easiest way to find Neko Atsume merchandise, but it doesn't have the best prices. Here's a list of Online stores that ship worldwide.

Aliexpress A wide selection of hoodies, but they're not so cheap.
Amazon Many, many gadgets, but prices and items availability depends on the customer's country.
AmiAmi A wide variety of gadgets. (Keychains, mugs, phone cases and memo pads.)
Hobby Link Japan Short range of regular products. (Keychains, mugs, phone cases.)
Otaku Mode The prices here beat Amazon, and also have a fall promo where you spin their little wheel for a percentage off. Poor choice of products, but good ones.
Rakuten Short range of products. Plushies!
Strapya World Quite cheap, perfect if you're looking for some keychains or hand bags.