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! This page contains spoilers about Mementos. Proceed at your own risk. !

“ Sometimes cats will leave behind mementos for you to view and treasure. You'll need to become good friends with a Cat before it will give you a memento. No need to pet or poke your cats or anything. Just keep giving them tasty snacks and they'll bring you their mementos when they're ready. ”
- Neko Atsume, How to Play
Memento Event.png

According to the original game's info, a Memento is a proof that we have become a cat's friend.

After a particular Cat visits multiple times and if you leave delicious treats, it may reward the player with a gift, a treasure. Each cat has a different one!

The obtaining of the Memento is preceded by a special event: when the player opens the Neko Atsume app, the screen is suddenly dimmed out and a cat will walk in the middle of it, or simply appear in the middle in the case of Rare Cats, giving the player its personal gift.

Once a Memento is received, you can view it by tapping the cat from which it was received. Each Memento is stored in the Mementos tab, in the Cat Menu.

Mementos are totally random. The player can get one after a few visits, or even after more than 100 visits.


Hermeowne.png Hermeowne

Memento Hermeowne2.png

Unlike other Mementos, Hermeowne's memento can be activated through the Mementos tab. Activating it will make cats appear in an empty yard. Its sprite will change depending on how many days have passed after its use.

Regular Cats


Flowered Collar Soft Brush Glow Bracelet Cicada Skin
Memento snowball.png Memento smokey.png Memento spots.png Memento shadow.png
Snowball Smokey Spots Shadow
A small collar with a flower print pattern. A soft brush for fur. Something to wear at evening events. The cast-off skin from a molting cicada.


Shiny Acorn Seashell Earring Aluminum Pins Damp Matchbox
Memento sunny.png Memento fred.png Memento pumpkin.png Memento callie.png
Sunny Fred Pumpkin Callie
An acorn with a shiny shell. A lovely drop earring with a small seashell. They make rattling noises when you shake them. The matches are too damp to light.


Random Seeds Teaser Toy Tip Raffle Ticket Flower Bookmark
Memento tabitha.png Memento bandit.png Memento gabriel.png Memento marshmallow.png
Tabitha Bandit Gabriel Marshmallow
Random seeds. A trophy from a hard-fought battle? A ticket for a store raffle. A bookmark made from a purple pressed flower.


Small Mittens Dirty Toy Animal Fish-stick Board Hourglass
Memento socks.png Memento lexy.png Memento bolt.png Memento breezy.png
Socks Lexy Bolt Breezy
Small, handmade mittens. A gently used small stuffed penguin. A small, pungent board that once held fish sticks. An hourglass filled with blue sand.


Used Hand Warmer Silent Bell Toy Mirror Colored Candles
Memento misty.png Memento pickles.png Memento pepper.png Memento patches.png
Misty Pickles Pepper Patches
A disposable hand warmer that’s already been used. A small bell that does not ring. A small, sturdy mirror. A colorful assortment of candles.


Scuffed Dime Six-sided Die Bird Feather Clean Handkerchief
Memento gozer.png Memento cocoa.png Memento princess.png Memento ginger.png
Gozer Cocoa Princess Ginger
A coin with grooves around the edge. A normal six-sided die. Good for curing indecision. A beautiful osprey feather. A freshly laundered handkerchief.


Bendy Straw Eyeglass Lens Child's Wristband Damaged Spoon
Memento peaches.png Memento spud.png Memento mack.png Memento speckles.png
Peaches Spud Mack Speckles
A plastic straw bent into a silly shape. A lens from a pair of soda-bottle glasses. A fabric wristband from an amusement park. The tip is so chipped it looks more like a spork.


Worn Postcard Warped Container Bottle Cap Gift-wrap Ribbon
Memento willie.png Memento rascal.png Memento dottie.png Memento spooky.png
Willie Rascal Dottie Spooky
Whatever was written is too smudged to read now. A plastic container covered with bite marks. A bottle cap with a thin piece of cork inside. A slightly tangled ribbon once used to wrap presents.


Tiny Toothbrush Puzzle Piece Wilted Plant Bulb Ribbon Hair Band
Apricot memento.png Ganache memento crop.png Memento Pasty.png Memento Chip Ribbon Hair Band.png
Apricot Ganache Pasty Chip
A special toothbrush for cats. It looks like it's been used. A piece from a jigsaw puzzle. A shriveled plant bulb with traces of dirt on it. A pretty hair band adorned with a pink dotted ribbon.


Leather Choker Cotton Scarf Stiff Paint Forgotten Key
Memento Macchiato.png Memento Melange.png Memento Chocola.png Memento Willow.png
Macchiato Melange Chocola Willow
A leather choker with a broken locket that won't open. A soft scarf. The back is embroidered with some sort of words. It's been unused for so long that it's dried up and frozen stiff. A small toy key. No one knows where it goes to.


Game Pieces Handmade Otedama Old Roll Film Sea Glass
Memento Sooty.png Memento Quicksilver.png Old roll film.png Sea glass.png
Sooty Quicksilver Maple Caramel
Pieces of various board games. Seems rather new and not used much. A toy made out of pieces of fabric sewn together. It looks worn-out. Seems already worn-out by sunlight... the film might not develop. Pieces of glass found on beaches. The shapes are uneven but has a nice touch.

Rare Cats


Signed Baseball Feathered Hat Pretty Stones Dog Tag
Memento joedimeowgio.png Memento Senor don gato.png Memento xerxesix.png Memento Chair.png
Joe DiMeowgio Senor Don Gato Xerxes IX Chairman Meow
A baseball with someone’s autograph. An attractive hat decorated with feathers. Beautiful, clear stones of unknown value. A silver tag with writing embossed with it.


Mysterious Stone Oval Coin Antique Compass Hand-drawn Ticket
Memento Saint Purrtrick.png Memento msfortune.png Memento Bob the cat.png Memento Conductor Whiskers.png
Saint Purrtrick Ms. Fortune Bob the Cat Conductor Whiskers
A uniquely shaped polished stone that radiates power. A shiny gold coin. A continually spinning compass. A ticket drawn by a child, but too smudged to read.


Fish Jerky Odd Wooden Charm Novelty Sunglasses Custom Rolling Pin
Memento tubbs.png Memento Mrmeowgi.png Memento Lady Meow Meow.png Memento Guy furry.png
Tubbs Mr. Meowgi Lady Meow-Meow Guy Furry
Piece of dried fish covered in claw marks. A wood tag used for border crossings in ancient times. Oversized sunglasses to avoid more UV light. A rolling pin custom made to fit cat-sized paws.


Elegant Paint Brush Elegant Staff Coffee Cup Lucky Coin
Memento kathmandu.png Memento ramses.png Memento Sassy fran.png Memento billy the kitten.png
Kathmandu Ramses the Great Sassy Fran Billy the Kitten
A new paintbrush with a fine point. A staff with a complex design. A dainty coffee cup with cute designs. An old coin with the same pattern on both sides.


Thaw-proof Snowman Poetry Book Silver Pocket Watch Old Map
Frosty memento.png Memento Sapphire.png Memento jeeves.png Memento Bengal Jack Old Map.png
Frosty/Goodies Sapphire Jeeves Bengal Jack
This melt-resistant snowman is forever cold to the touch. An anthology of poems filled with lovely cat illustrations. An antique watch that still keeps time when you wind it. A faded map printed fgdfdgfgdon a parchment.


Paper Shuriken Small Glass Bottle Yellow Stuffed Toy Ball on String
Memento Whiteshadow.png Memento Hermeowne.png Memento Kitty Hawks.png Ball on string.png
Whiteshadow Hermeowne Kitty Hawks Meowton
A paper shuriken carefully folded using traditional Japanese paper. It contains soft, fine powder. Description is unknown. Tiny metal ball attached to a string. Was it plucked from something?