“ Goodies are items you can place in your yard. Large-sized goodies can only be placed in certain spots. The more goodies you place, the more cats will visit. And if you remove an item while a cat is playing with it, the cat will leave fish behind based on how long it played, then promptly depart. ”
- Neko Atsume, How to Play

In order to get Cats to visit you, you need to make sure your Yard is filled up with Goodies. Goodies may be purchased at the Shop for Fish, and then placed in certain spots in the Yard. Each item will attract only a specific set of Cats. Once purchased, the toy can be found in the player's inventory which is under the "Goodies" section in the Menu and may be used indefinitely.

Toys come in two sizes, Small icon (Small) and Large icon (Large). Small objects take up a single space in the Yard, while Large ones occupy two.

The Yard has 5 spaces. You can place up to five Small Goodies, or one Large & three Small. (You can't have more than one Large toy at a time and it can only be placed on a certain spot.)

Once you acquire Yard Expansion, your spots double up: 10 spaces in total, with the ability to place up to 2 Large Goodies.

Certain Goodies can hold more than one Cat at once. Capacity ranges from 2 to 6 on Large objects, while Small Goodies top out at two.

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