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Cats may visit your Yard only if Food is laid out. A fresh bowl of food just placed by the player will deplete with time, and can last for several hours. Players start out with an infinite supply of Thrifty Bitz, but 5 more types of food are available at the Shop. These vary in price, effective duration, and boost the player's "powers of cat attraction." Once the food is finished, the player can purchase more if so desired.

Some Rare Cats are more likely to appear if certain types are laid out. In particular, Tubbs appears only for the 5 purchasable foods, finishing the bowl instantly. While no more cats will visit while Tubbs is there, players are advised against replacing the emptied food bowl until Tubbs has left by itself, as Tubbs will give a smaller reward if it is chased away when the bowl is replaced.


Image Thrifty Bitz Price
Thrifty bitz.png Hardly a fancy feast, but it tastes okay for cheap chow. Guaranteed to contain a minimum of byproducts and fillers. Lasts 8 hours. Free
Frisky Bitz
Frisky bitz.png Made from nutritious and delicious farm-to-bowl ingredients, Frisky Bitz might boost your powers of cat attraction. Finicky felines prefer Frisky Bitz for its organic ingredients and rich flavour. Lasts 6 hours. (x3) 30 SilverFish.png
Ritzy Bitz
Ritzy bitz.png
Ritzy bitz placed.png
A sumptuous canned combo of fresh tuna, bonito, and sardines. Sure to boost your powers of cat attraction! As if by magic, cats seem to appear from thin air as soon as they hear the pull-top pop. Lasts 3 hours. 3 GoldFish.png
Bonito Bitz
Bonito bitz.png
Bonito bitz placed.png
Our gourmet canned feast, now with a dash of bonito flakes to fuel your cats' active lifestyles. A can with a packet of reduced-salt bonito flakes. Perhaps this will keep your cats' engines purring longer. Lasts 3 hours. 7 GoldFish.png
Deluxe Tuna Bitz
Deluxe Tuna bitz.png
Deluxe Tuna Bitz Placed.png
Even the most finicky of felines will crave this fresh catch. Cats will practically teleport to the bowl! If your mouth waters when you pop the top of this fancy feast, imagine how the cats will react! Lasts 3 hours. 12 GoldFish.png
Sashimi.png Sashimi sliced from only the freshest fish, with the wasabi and garnish removed. For cats with expensive tastes. Not for everyone, but the smell is hard to resist! Beloved by certain Rare Cats. Lasts 3 hours. 5 GoldFish.png
Sashimi Boat
Sashimi boat.png There is no doubt that it will take the cats in an exciting cruise of flavor! A plate full of sashimi that will disappear fast, as it boosts the mood of the cats Lasts 1 hour. 50 GoldFish.png



  • Foods are currently the only items that can be Sold Out in the Shop. A unique stamp will appear after the player has obtained 99 of a particular Food. It appears that this situation is actually due to inventory limits rather than the shop running out of stock, as the player will be able to buy the Food again once the stored quantity of the item in the inventory has decreased.
  • If no cat eats out of the food bowl or no one comes to your yard, after two days, all the food mysteriously disappears as if cats came to your yard.
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