“ Cats leave fish to say thanks for your hospitality. Some cats may even leave special gold fish! Use these fish gifts to buy more goodies. Note: The Gift menu has a 100 gifts limit. Once you pass this limit, older gifts will be automatically accepted to make room for new ones. ”
- Neko Atsume's official info

Fish and Gold Fish are the currency in Neko Atsume, and are used to purchase Food, Goodies, and Wallpapers.

Players earn fish after a Cat has played in their Yard. An alert "Gifts Await" will appear on the Yard interface when fish or Gold Fish has been left behind. Players can also accept their Gifts from the Gifts tab in the Game Menu. Up to 100 Gifts may be stored uncollected; additional Gifts will cause the oldest Gifts to be automatically accepted.

Gold Fish are typically more uncommon than Silver Fish, and are hence considered more valuable. Players may Exchange Fish for Gold Fish and vice versa at the Shop.

Fish ExchangeGoldfish

Gold Fish may also be purchased with real money in denominations of 50G; 120G; 200G; and 300G. Prices may vary depending on the country the player is in.


  • Gold Fish currency does not resemble goldfish. The fish used as currency in Neko Atsume are sardines.
  • The text for "fish" in the Japanese version of the game isn't the regular word for fish, it's 煮干 (Noboshi), "dried baby sardines".[1]


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